CaptchaLoader Description Anti-spam anti-spammers could cost millions of dollars – ABC News

Anti-spam anti-spammers could cost millions of dollars – ABC News

ABC News has learned that anti-virus software maker Avast could be facing more than $2 billion in fines over anti-cheat software it has been distributing in the UK, France and Germany.

The company said last month it was launching an anti-abuse program in the United Kingdom.

The program, called AVADirect, will help users find software that is using anti-cheating technology and alert them if it has infected their system.

Avast said the program would be deployed in England, France, Germany and the United States by the end of the year.

The UK, which was the only country where Avast was distributing anti-Cheat software in 2016, has been the target of a string of malware incidents, including the theft of a company’s domain name and the installation of malware that was able to steal passwords, banking and other information.

The FBI and the US Justice Department have charged Avast with aiding and abetting the installation and operation of malware.

The anti-tampering software company was founded by a former Google engineer and has had a reputation for being aggressive in defending its intellectual property.

However, a report published by cybersecurity firm Symantec found that the company was in the process of buying rival AVG and that the anti-software vendor was also making “significant investments” in its own security.

The report said the company had not disclosed any of the information it had purchased from AVG.

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