CaptchaLoader Description Bollywood star who is in debt to crores of crores from ads earns about Rs 1.1 crore

Bollywood star who is in debt to crores of crores from ads earns about Rs 1.1 crore

In his first interview since being jailed for five years for the scam, actor and actor-turned-politician Rana Kapoor said he earned about Rs1.1 crores in the past year from ads from ad networks and producers.

He also claimed that the money earned from ads went to him as a direct result of his ad campaigns.

He said the money went to his family and friends, as well as to his theatre company.

Kolkata-born actor Rana Prakash Kapoor, who is known for his roles in films like Anil Kapoor and Gajendra Chauhan, was jailed on September 30 for five and a half years for his role in the scam.

The actor and businessman is accused of siphoning off over Rs1 crore from the media-advertising business to his personal accounts, and then transferring it to a shell company called “Kapoor Media Ltd” in the name of a real estate company.

The actor and his family had made the payments to the shell company for several years, and the shell had been used for the payment of personal expenses.

The shell company was used to transfer the funds to Rana’s personal accounts in the names of companies including “Rana Media Ltd,” which was used for paying personal expenses and the expenses of his business.

In his first public interview since his arrest, Kapoor denied any wrongdoing and said he was in debt of crore to crore.

The former Kolkatansh Kashyap star told NDTV: “I do not have any assets that are linked to my business.

I am not even a shareholder in the company.

So I am in debt.

I cannot get the money from the company.”

Kapool, who was in jail for more than a year, said he had received Rs4 crore from ad companies, and he said that money was used “to support my family and my theatre company”.

He also said that he was “not the biggest cropper in the world”.

The actor, who had earlier admitted that he had siphoned money from his advertising business, said: “It is not true that I got the money by siphoning money from ad agencies.

It is more that I had siphon money from a realty company that had been set up to buy the ads.

I did not know that the realty companies were not registered as an association.”

He also denied that he siphoned off money from publishers.

Kapoon, who spent a lot of time in jail, told NDtv that he got a few years of jail for his crimes, but he has not had any further jail term.

He said he would be released in about six months, and that he would then be able to travel freely and go to India.

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