CaptchaLoader About New law requires app makers to notify users when their ads are being used for a ‘scam’

New law requires app makers to notify users when their ads are being used for a ‘scam’

The United States Department of Justice is asking the makers of a popular “scam-proof” Android app to disclose whether ads were being used to defraud users.

A new law requiring app makers in the United States and Canada to notify consumers when their apps have been used for “misleading or deceptive conduct” could make it harder for consumers to identify apps for which they’re being deceived.

The Department of Commerce and Trade said Monday it would ask Google, Apple, Microsoft and others to make the disclosure by April 18.

The Justice Department’s proposed rule requires companies to provide “specific information” to consumers when an app they’re developing or selling is being used in a “scary or deceptive” manner.

The proposed rule was announced last month by the department’s consumer protection office.

The proposed rule could put an end to a trend that saw more than 2,000 fake or misleading apps being installed on Android devices, according to the National Federation of Independent Business.

It’s the latest development in the fight against the widespread use of fake or mislabeled apps.

A similar rule was also announced in January by the Commerce Department.

In January, the FTC also announced that the agency is investigating more than 500 apps in its investigation.

Google did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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