CaptchaLoader Description Why it’s really not possible to save all the email addresses from an email to an RSS feed

Why it’s really not possible to save all the email addresses from an email to an RSS feed

The Fox News podcast on Monday night discussed a controversial experiment from two months ago, in which hackers were able to steal and store the emails and passwords of millions of email subscribers. 

The episode featured a discussion about a research paper published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences on the project, which has been criticized by security experts as a potential vulnerability in email providers like Gmail, Yahoo, and 

A study by researchers at the University of Maryland School of Information, titled “Theoretical Cryptanalysis of Email Password-Deriving Algorithms: A New Approach for Email Security,” found that the algorithms used to generate passwords were vulnerable to attack by a number of known malware, including ransomware, trojans, and malware that injects malicious code into emails to steal credentials.

“A good email account is an email account that is protected by strong encryption, such as password hashing, authentication, and authentication token,” the authors wrote in the paper, explaining that they were interested in “a practical example of a password cracking attack in the real world.”

“Unfortunately, many email services do not protect email passwords against such attacks.” 

The authors added that this weakness was “not limited to email providers, but extends to any digital signature system that uses password hashing to generate a password for a user account.” 

Their research was based on a technique called “crypto-salting” that uses a cryptographic hash function to encrypt an email password using a password that is randomly generated. 

“The problem with using cryptosalting is that the password-hash algorithm is not deterministic, and it may be reused for any password-based password,” the researchers wrote.

“The cryptosanctaion used in this attack can be derived from a known password.” 

“If the attacker has access to the email server, he or she can change the hash value of the email password, which then becomes the password of the user account,” the paper said.

“It is therefore possible to create an account that has a unique password and that has the same hash value.”

“We believe that a very small fraction of email users would be able to crack the password in the current scheme,” the study added. 

Researchers also explained that the method used to crack an email was not secure, and that attackers could use the same attack to access passwords on other email providers. 

For example, an email could be compromised and the attacker could extract passwords from multiple email providers and use them to steal email addresses, the researchers said.

“The password-cracking technique used here is vulnerable to attacks by known and potentially known malware,” they wrote. 

In a blog post accompanying the paper Monday, Katherine B. Anderson, the director of security at Google’s email security team, said that “in general, email providers should be wary of this kind of attack, but we are not recommending email providers use this particular algorithm.”

“The authors do a great job explaining why this attack is not likely to be a vulnerability in any email provider,” she added.

“While email providers are currently limited to sending a single encrypted message to the intended recipient, we will continue to monitor the situation to see if this algorithm can be exploited for more nefarious purposes.”

Anderson said that she would be “very surprised” if Google’s security team found any other weaknesses in the algorithm. 

Google declined to comment. 

But in a tweet to The Verge, the company pointed out that the paper “is not an independent research paper.” 

Google also pointed to an “in-depth” blog post from researchers at a non-profit group called Privacy International that addressed “how email passwords can be stolen and used for other purposes.”

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