CaptchaLoader Use  Google’s captcha generator  is still not working in Google Chrome

 Google’s captcha generator  is still not working in Google Chrome

The captcha generator is still not working in Google Chrome.

 And there’s still no official word from Google on why.

The source linked below explains the captcha generation issue: Google’s Captcha Generator Is Not Working In Chrome.

I asked Google for clarification and I got this reply from Google’s Senior Product Manager, Chris Oster, who wrote: Google doesn’t comment on individual product issues. 

But we can confirm that the Google captchas are not working correctly in Google’s Chrome. 

Google has yet to officially address this issue on Twitter or via a Google+ post.

Google does not support this feature in the Google Chrome browser.

The issue could be related to the Google’s proprietary API, Google Captcha. 

Captchas were introduced in 2013 to provide a more secure alternative to traditional captcha, which Google is now replacing.

Google has made a few improvements to the Captcher API, including adding the ability to use a unique identifier (an “identifier string”), which Google has said is “better for privacy” than a traditional CAPTCHA. 

The Captcha API is part of Google Chrome, and the company is not releasing an official fix for the issue. 

In order to use Google Captchas in Chrome, Google will need to update the Chrome web browser to the latest version of Google CaptChas. 

We will update this article as more information becomes available. 

If you’re still having trouble using Google Captcheas, you may want to follow these steps:1.

Check out this Google+ thread for instructions. 


Try using Google Chrome and see if you can still click “Yes” to answer the CAPTCHAS prompt.


Go to Settings > Chrome, Security > Security Accounts, Account information. 


Enter a password that’s more secure than the CAPCHAS password, like something like 1234123456 or whatever.


Now click the “Continue” button.


You should be redirected to Google Captcher.


You can now click “Next” to begin the process.

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