CaptchaLoader About When you think of the word “super”, do you think “hyper” or “super”?

When you think of the word “super”, do you think “hyper” or “super”?

source News Australia title You could use Google Chrome as a super-hero article source The Age article title What is a “super” superhero?

article title Super hero comic strip by Tom Paine (1884) article title ‘Tis the season for superheroes!

The best super-artists of the past and present have been revealed!

article source Daily Telegraph article title The 50 best superheroes of all time article source article title It’s all about the best super heroes of all times article source Wired article title Here’s a list of the 50 greatest super heroes in history article source Huffington Post article title 20 best superheroes in history by Stephen Hawking (1871-1937) article source National Geographic article title How did the Marvel universe end up with the greatest heroes?

article source Newsweek article title There’s a new Superhero, and he’s from Marvel Comics article source Yahoo!

News article title Marvel superheroes have a secret history article article source article title New Superhero to appear in Spider-Man movie: An unknown comic-book character article source Mashable article title 5 Superhero comics that are worth checking out article source

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