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Why is Angular 2 missing from the Chrome Developer Tools?

Posted December 11, 2017 12:16:07Angular 2 is a great alternative to Angular 1 in Chrome DevTools.

It is not an official version of Angular 1, but it has many of the same features.

However, the version that you see in the Chrome Dev Tools is outdated and does not work as well as it should.

If you are using the old Angular 1 SDK that is not in the DevTools, you can find the latest version of the Chrome developer tools here.

However if you are not using the Angular 2 SDK, you will need to install the latest Chrome Developer tools version from here.

When using the Chrome dev tools to install an older version of Chrome Dev tools, be sure to update the version of that version that is in the and the chrome-devtools-latest-version files.

For example, if you have the version 6.5.5 of, the build number is 6.1.5 or you have version 5.6.0 of, the number is 5.5 and so on.

If your browser does not have the build-number of the version you are installing, you need to manually install it by running the following command:Install the latest Angular 2.4.0 build and all the latest security updates by running:Install all the security updates from Google (recommended) by running:(If you get a warning message saying “This software is not yet available for download, update your computer.” or similar, click “Run.”)

Install the new Chrome Dev Tool by running (Optional):Install and configure the browser by running as follows:Open the Dev Tools and navigate to Tools > Extensions.

Find and click on the file that matches your version of Google ChromeDev Tools.

If you get “File is not available”, click the Cancel button.

If the Dev Tool is not installed, follow the instructions in the last section to install it.

Open ChromeDevTool.exe and select the following extension:Open Google Chrome Devtools and navigate the Chrome directory to where you installed the Chrome version of DevTools to.

You will see a new “Extension Installer” dialog appear.

Click “Install” and select “Developer Tools” as your extension.

Open the extension and you will see the Dev tools menu in the upper right corner.

Click on the extension name to install.

You can choose between “Developer tools” or “Developer Console” if you want to install Chrome DevTool in the developer console.

The Dev tools will be updated automatically.

If Chrome Dev Console is selected as your preferred extension, you should not have to open DevTools again.

You can install the “Chrome Dev Tools” extension to get the new Dev Tools.

If DevTools is selected, you’ll see a “New Extension” dialog that will open.

Select the “Developertools” extension, click on “Install”, and then click “Finish”.

After the update, you might need to reboot your computer.

If this happens, restart the computer.

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