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Download your ads now with JDownloader Anti-Crawl (JDownloader)

Google is introducing a new browser extension called JDownloaders Anti-crawl that uses JavaScript to block any website from accessing your domain name, and even embedding your own ads in the process.

JDownloads Anti-Scrape (JScrape) also uses JavaScript, but its more targeted and offers a better experience. 

“JDownloads is a new addition to our Chrome browser that offers more protection against unwanted browser redirects and adware.

We’ve added a variety of anti-scrapers to help prevent browser redirect attempts and ad pop-ups, including a native ad blocker, ad blocking, and ad blocking extensions,” the company said in a blog post. 

JDownloaders will only block websites with your domain, so if you have any links to a legitimate website, it won’t be able to use the URL.

You can also block specific types of websites, such as spam, malicious websites, and other sites. 

If you don’t want to have to visit any of those sites, you can disable the JDownloadors anti-browser extension. 

Additionally, JDownload’s browser extension has a few other new features, including: “New: You can now enable and disable a list of sites that are being used to trick you into clicking on a malicious URL.” 

“Added: Add a new tab to your toolbar to quickly access all of the Jdownloads anti-urls.” 

These features are all optional, but the company recommends users keep an eye out for the new browser extensions and watch out for any suspicious activity. 

You can download JDownload from the Chrome Web Store right now. 

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