CaptchaLoader About Microsoft to make Cloudflare, an anti-captcha blocker, free for users in India

Microsoft to make Cloudflare, an anti-captcha blocker, free for users in India

Microsoft is introducing Cloudflares anti-coding protection to its customers in India and the US, marking the first time the company has done so.

The move is a welcome addition to Microsoft’s anti-counterfeiting campaign and is part of a broader strategy to tackle the growing threat of online criminals who have exploited the increasing use of encryption and other security measures to commit fraud and other crimes.

Microsoft said that Cloudflames anti-coders would be available for $1.99 a month in India, or $4.99 in the US.

The company has already announced the availability of Cloudflases anti-code-signing tool for users of its Office 365 suite of services.

Microsoft says the Cloudflas anti-anti-coder protection tool is available on the cloud.

Microsoft says it will also offer the same service to users of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Microsoft’s Cloudflakes anti-Counterfeit Protection tool has been available for a while now and the company announced that it will be free to customers in both India and US.

Microsoft also says that the CloudFlases anti-“counterfeit” protection is designed to prevent people from entering personal data without permission, such as passwords or email addresses.

It will also block websites from using the data it stores, as well as block websites and apps that use it without permission.

Cloudflasks anti-Coding Protection is available in both Indian and US versions, but the US version is priced at $1,99.

Microsoft will also soon offer Cloudflights anti-copyright protection tool, which will let users opt out of cloud services that might have been used to make copies of their files.

Microsoft has previously said that the anti-copy protection tool would be made free in the first quarter of next year.

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