CaptchaLoader Use Alyssa Rosenberg: Trump will be remembered as ‘a true conservative’ by 2020

Alyssa Rosenberg: Trump will be remembered as ‘a true conservative’ by 2020

By Alyssas Rosenberg”Trump will be widely remembered as the president who turned the clock back on the Great Recession and turned the U.S. economy around for the better.

And the president is still being remembered for that.”

That was written by AlyssA Rosenberg, a Pulitzer Prize-winning Washington Post reporter who spent more than a decade covering Trump and the GOP, as well as many other high-profile White House figures.

She was also a political reporter at the New York Times, where she worked for 20 years and was nominated for a Pulitzer.

Her column for The Post has been published in the New Yorker and Vanity Fair, among other publications.

Rosenberg said she did not know Trump was planning on running for president, but that the GOP nominee was “a true believer.”

Trump has not made a decision about whether to seek another term in office, but his political advisers have said they are leaning toward making that a primary focus.

They have also said he is focused on keeping the White House and Congress intact.

The president’s aides are weighing whether he should go to a third inauguration in 2020 or retire, and they have been working with his family to determine if they want to see him as a candidate for reelection in 2020, Rosenberg said.

“There’s nothing imminent,” she said.

“We’re trying to get a sense of what the President would want.”

Trump, who is 74 and has been hospitalized for a week, has been diagnosed with a bone marrow disorder.

His condition is not known, but the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota said Monday that it expects Trump will recover within a week or two.

“There are a lot of good people in the United States,” Rosenberg said, adding that the president has “a lot of family that he’s in touch with.”

Rosenberg also said that she has heard that Trump will not be attending the upcoming inauguration of Vice President Mike Pence.

She added that she did see a “very encouraging” statement from Pence on Friday on the “health of the president.”

“I’m hopeful that this president is going to have a very strong recovery,” she added.

“He’s a very big part of our lives.

We’re going to get him out of this.”

In a statement, Pence’s office said that the vice president has been “well cared for by his doctors, family and staff.”

Pence said in a statement that “there are no plans to participate in this inauguration, nor have I been notified of any specific plans.”

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