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How to get your children to do math? – Recode

The math equation to get kids to do some math is the same for all children, even those with autism.

The same formula works for kids who are more verbal learners.

The math equation for kids with autism was written by autism expert and educator Dr. James Miller, and it’s also called the Miller-Miller equation.

Dr. Miller, who is a professor of pediatrics at the University of Florida, is the author of the book, “The Math Formula: How to Make Your Children Do Math.”

In a 2014 TED talk, Miller said his formula is the key to understanding the mental struggles of children who are autistic.

“The Miller-Miller equation is the brainchild of James Miller,” Miller said.

“He was the person who wrote the first book on the Miller family.

He was also the first to describe what autism was.”

Miller is the director of the National Center for Autism Research and the director and chair of the Department of Developmental Psychology at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

Miller says it’s crucial to understand the mental struggle of a child who is autistic before you can treat the condition.

He said, “It’s important to know that the Miller formula is not just for people with autism.”

“This formula applies to children with autism and for any other condition where there’s a lot of communication and understanding,” Miller explained.

“So, this formula is for kids that don’t have a lot or any communication, so there’s no need to be overly concerned about their communication or understanding skills.”

Dr. James W. Miller died in 2014 at the age of 87.

Miller said he’s not the only one to use the Miller equation.

“In the late 1970s, Dr. Miller’s daughter, Jennifer, was diagnosed with autism,” Dr. W. said.

Dr Miller and Jennifer Miller, his wife, have a son, David, who has autism.

Jennifer Miller has autism and uses the Miller equations to help her son communicate with her and her friends.

Jennifer and David Miller were at the 2014 Grammy Awards, where the singer Rihanna won the Grammy for best female vocalist for her performance of Rihanna’s “Hotline Bling.”

Jennifer Miller, a speech therapist who has studied the formula, said she and her husband found it to be helpful in the treatment of children with a wide range of disabilities.

“I think there’s lots of research that suggests that this is a very effective tool for helping kids to be able to talk about and understand math,” she said.

The formula works by creating a picture of the child.

It tells the child that math is a process of thought and that the more math he or she does, the more words are used and the easier it is for the child to do the math.

“If a child is a good student, this is going to be a positive, because that means that math will become easier,” Dr Miller said, adding that he sees kids who have trouble doing math getting better, too.

“As children get older, they get more confident in math, and so that means they get better at it, too,” Dr James Miller said in his TED talk.

“When kids have more vocabulary, they’re less likely to think of math as a problem,” Dr W. added.

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