CaptchaLoader About Why you should never click on a scrapy captcha

Why you should never click on a scrapy captcha

A video posted by Bollywood singer Aishwarya Rai Bachchan on Instagram has gone viral and has sparked an avalanche of requests for the solution.

“Why you should not click on my scrapy, scannable, clickable captcha?”, wrote a fan in India.

The clip is part of a campaign to encourage people to make their own, free, captchas.

The clip shows Aishawarya singing her new song called “Bhutta Bhutta, Bhatta Bhutto” (Let me go, let me go).

The song is about a boy who loses his virginity in front of his parents and decides to leave the house without telling them.

His parents send him to a school for girls where he meets a girl named Durga.

Durga becomes his girlfriend.

On one occasion, Aishowara asks Durga out on a date and she agrees to go along with it.

The date turns into a relationship.

Later, Aiyazuddin, the girl’s older brother, starts dating Aishawar, the boy’s younger brother.

Aiyaz is always on the lookout for a good girl to marry.

As the couple get closer, Durga begins to feel uncomfortable and Aishwar and Durga are forced to live with each other.

In a bid to solve the mystery of Durga’s disappearance, Aisyaz goes to the school and finds the girl.

Durga has vanished.

Aishwer asks the girl to tell the authorities.

When the girl returns, she tells Aisyar the girl has disappeared.

Aishwar decides to find Durga and asks his brother to take her to the nearest police station.

They manage to find the girl, who says she is Durga, and she is now married.

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